My Type-O Diet

25 Oct

Sooo, I found out recently I was a blood type O+.. Finally called the Rhode Island Blood Center and asked them.  I had donated blood back in 2002 and honestly never had the need to check in on that..  A friend told me about the Blood Type Diet.  Apparently it’s a book series that concentrates on the blood type you are and tells you out the foods you should be eating and even more that you should not.  Fucking awesome that I have like 50% of the “bad foods” in my fridge currently.  I honestly thought brussels sprouts, cauliflower, avocado and catfish were AMAZING for me.. but I figured since I’m not feeling 100% recently so anything’s worth a the ol’ freshman try…

Let’s back it up a little:  it’s not like I’m worried about my weight.  I’m a normal height/weight ratio. I’m like 5’4″ and 118#.  When it comes down to my health, however, I could totally use some more goddamn energy.  I’ve been depending upon a shortie of OJ every morning for the sugar buzz for a while now and I’ve recently started enjoying a cup of coffee/espresso (black) or two.. or three.. over the past few weeks throughout the course of the day up to get my ass in gear.  To get me interested in biking or yoga.. to make me go like “dadadadadadadaddada” when I’m on the phone or in a meeting… to get this buzz that >50% of Americans enjoy that I have honestly been blowing off recently… and to ultimately make me feel like I have ridic anxiety that makes me want to fucking puke my brains out because I’m overheated :-p

Enter the Blood Type O Diet

So this is my new shopping list:


Beef, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey

Cod, Herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimp, scallops, crab


Butter, feta, mozz, goat cheese, soy milk


Olive oil, flaxseed, canola, sesame

Nuts and seeds

Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds


Aduke, azuki, pinto, black-eyed


Essene, ezekiel, amaranth, barley, buckwheat, rice, kamut, kasha, millet, rye, spelt


Artichoke, chicory, dandelion, garlic, horseradish, kale, leek, okra, onions, parsley, parsnips, red peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, seaweed, turnips, tomatoes, collard greens, romaine, spinach, ew broccoli


Plums, prunes, figs, grapefruit, berries (minus strawberries, blackberries)


Kelp, iodized salt, parsley, curry, cayenne


Chocolate, honey, cocao


Seltzer, club soda, green tea, wine

 WTF?  I can’t have beer anymore?  Or vodak??

So as I sit, drinking my glass of wine (prefer red but drinking white currently), I’m playing around with my Pinterest and creating a board with some fun recipes I should be making from here on out..

However.. I’ve got all these shitty ingredients in my fridge: avocados, rum, corn, beer, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, vodka, mushrooms, cantaloupe, tequila, strawberries, bacon… so I’ve got to go on a bit of a “bad food bender” over the next week or so.

My challenge to myself.. and to my readers–if you are in fact an O blood type and want to try to become “healthier” per this diet–is as of Nov 1, avoid the heck out of the bad and only eat/drink the good stuff.  I should probably pick up the book sooner than later (or someone can buy it for me Kindle-style)–however I’m going to try to quickly wean out the bad dairy, gluten, pig meat (BOOOOO!), beer (DOUBLE BOOOOO!), etc. that I’ve been eating to try and keep “healthy,” as soon as November hits…

What are you thinking?  Do you have any good recipes?  I think my first creation may involve some curry raisin chicken salad + Ezekiel bread and some greens… but anything tasty could be helpful!  Follow my Pinterest for some good O+ blood type food ideas I’ve found–and help me pin!

Let’s eat (well)!  And drink some great vino! –Let’s toast to being happier and healthier going forward!

❤ k

So BzzAgent gave me something new to try.. with Covergirl and Olay

24 Aug

I really like being a BzzAgent.. sometimes I get some pretty cool stuff.  Just for writing a few blog posts and trying it out.  Wednesday, I received a little care package with some MAKEUP in it ❤

I’m not really the kind of person who wears foundation, but I figured I’d give it a try yesterday in conjunction with the powder.  Although it did live up to it’s “coverage” claims, unfortunately it covered up a lot of my freckles.. probably a good idea to have on hand though when I’m breaking out like a pizza during that time of the month o.O

I did however really enjoy the scent of the product and how it covered up my under-eye circles.  Also, I went to a package store and the guy asked me for my ID so that’s a good sign, right? 😉

The powder really seemed to suck up the oil that seeped out of my pores throughout the day, which was nice.  The only other thing I would suggest would be to maybe add some sort of rice paper dispenser on the bottom of the powder so I could dab myself before powdering and ultimately getting that oil on the puff.

If you’re interested in a $2 off coupon.. I can mail one to you or if you’re in the Newport area, you’re welcome to meet up with me 🙂  I’ve got plenty to go around!  Leave your email in the comments and I can get back to you! and improved Newport Socialite ;)

25 Jun

Newport, RI since February and honestly, this is one of the most fantastic places in the world to me.  Where I am, I’ve surrounded myself with great friends, amazing beauty and a bevy of potential suitors…  Lil is in love with the rolling pastures, dog beach and other doggies to play with.  I just have to watch out and make sure I don’t get sucked into drinking every day!  Most of my friends here are in the service industry so you know that means trouble (and fun) when it comes down to the nightlife

So I know you’re all asking–what sort of pickings are there?  Are they better than or comparable to Boston?  Well to begin with, everything in Newport is super incestual.. meaning that if you meet a new group of friends, odds are they know someone you know–and hopefully not anybody you’ve slept with.  This island is running rampant with honies from Boston, Hartford, New York… the sea, the navy, etc.  Especially now–since America’s Cup Races are in town and Tall Ships will be here in a few days.  Sooo many yachties. Continue reading

Lobbying for Social Change

12 Oct

So if you haven’t heard in the news and all over YouTube, there’s a ton of activity going on in Dewey Square for the Occupy Boston demonstration over the past week or so and that’s all fine and dandy–I hope you get whatever you’re setting out to get.  On Wall Street, protesters are angry about political/corporate greed and if that’s your message then power to you, I hope you can formulate a proper way without full-blown anarchy or violence to recognize all your necessary goals.

As long as you’re getting your point across, and you help facilitate forward-moving change.  Just a side note:  I’m sure you’re aware that there are a hell of a lot of helicopters out there and extra police.  I hope it’s not taking up too many of Boston’s resource$.  I don’t think that the rich are going to be paying for your bail if you get rowdy.  Just be safe and try to stay off the Rose Kennedy Greenway 😀


This is what I’d like to add to our vision of a better Boston:  Happy Hour in MA drinking establishments and longer MBTA hours.

Our state senators are currently debating a Casino Gambling Bill (among other things), and I would like to put in my support for the Happy Hour amendment that Bob Hedlund (R) is sponsoring. This would be an awesome addition to our Beantown Social movement of trying to find establishments that can offer us something to bring in our large group.  On that note, I would like to invite Cliquot, Ketel and Patron to sponsor us 😉 Continue reading


27 Jul


It’s with super excitement that I’m moving my blog (again) to a hosted account.  Please visit for updates!

Thanks & ❤


So the world is going to end tomorrow.

20 May

What did you do with your life? Who did you impact in your own short period of time?

What I BELIEVE is going to happen Saturday at 6:01 AM is that people are going to realize the fact the Mayans and news and other propaganda lied to us and we actually need to keep on living life the way we were planning on living it. SNAP!

What I saw on the MBTA this evening were a bunch of mis-matched couples who made sex bets in the event that tomorrow was the “end of the world” and that they needed to do it with the closest thing that could maybe get them off.  Ew. Who the fuck do you think you are? Is sex reallllly the biggest and best thing that you want to do with your life in the event that it’s done in less than 24 hours?

HOPEFULLY, If that’s the opposite of true, here’s MY list of the things I’d (realistically) do if I had a couple of short hours to live instead of TENS OF YEARS as is the true reality…

1. get some realllly good nudes taken. Because, really? I’m probably only this hot for a little more time and if there was ever a race of humanoids to rise again, they’d probably want to dig up my DNA and clone me to exist again because I have to admit..  I’m pretty hot naked and could potentially be super awesome to mate with. duh.
2. pay off all the bills effecting my credit. I want to have an 800+ credit score when its like down to me and a few hundred other zombies.. I totally want first dibs on the Newport mansions. Wish I could bet that I’d be able to fly overseas and purchase a REALLY old piece of land but at that point, I’d be lucky to survive fighting the undead off for more than one day traveling.
3. stockpile glass-bottled water and rations (at the mansion), because when people can’t repopulate because of cancer “down there” from plastic irradiated foods, I gots a cave full of rations to feed my undead friends, family (and hot suitors) for generations if we get that far after the zombies (have you seen the dates on chick peas, spam and corn??? we could technically live off that shit for CENTURIES!!)..
4. get a german shepherd sidekick like Will Smith (sorry lil and stiffler)
5. shower, brush my teeth, do my hair and  nails (hope that doesn’t count as 4)
6. taunt some cops with my vape b/c they don’t know any better
7. use at least 2 unused groupons.. because it’s totally a waste if you don’t get your hair did or have some sushi for 1/2 price before facing armageddon.
8. call mom and dad. and grandpa… because seriously I’ll probably still do that tomorrow regardless… which leads me to my next #..
9. invest in Verizon, ATT or Sprint.  Who doesn’t have unlimited minutes at this point? if you don’t.. I’ll probably make a shit ton of $ off of you from investing in the fact that you’re paying like .45 each minute for overages. there are going to be a hellova lot of people calling their loved ones (and high end business clients) during non-peak hours Friday to tell them how much they love them so I’m thinking this is my best $ making call.  (if someone actually does this, you’re totally in debt to me.  You can wire 10% of what you make to my PayPal account, TYVM.)
10. let someone else come down with my #10.. best comment wins!  (depending on $ spent) *will not shave my head or hurt myself.  I bruise easily.

FYI: The world ends when we do. When you die; the world ends. For you. There’s no re-do. You need to figure it out now. And if you can’t figure that out now or during this lifetime.. then why do anything influential? Why even try?

BUT SINCE we’re going to survive–then fucking rock it. Rock it hard. Don’t live like a rockstar.. that’s just nasty. Live like you’re going to try and make a difference. In your child’s life. In society. Your call. Just make sure you do something now that will make a lasting impact.  Save up to buy that Newport Mansion!  Or at least do something to make your life historical.  What else do you have?

I mean, listen. It’s not like I’m going to clean my house Friday. BUT! I am going to shower, shave, do my hair, SUCK IT UP and WORK like I’d normally do on ANY Friday. Like you’re sprinting to home plate or the end of the work week. I may drink like a fish too when I’m done though so let me know what’s good… Tasty?

One more thing for Friday: Hug or kiss your loved ones or call the people that mean the most to you even though it’s cliché’d. Technically you’re still cool if you do it. It’s not like un-hipster to do that stuff so get on it.  AND I might be investing in you and making a few bucks.  So that’s probably not so bad either.

Because life’s too fragile. Just fucking do it properly.  And respectfully.  And impactfully.  (I make up words too..)

See you @ Guetta Saturday night?

A website offering $10k to find a guy a wife? No freaking way.

18 Mar

It has come to this.  40-year old dudes who decided up until now they were going to live the playboy lifestyle are now paying the web to ferret them a wife.  It makes me wonder what’s next?  Will I see a Facebook ad for this guy?  Is it real or are they selling something?  If they’re really just spending $ and not earning it here, is it a real win?

Yes, I have tapped the online dating world.  I have even partied in other cities/towns to try and meet Mr. Correct.  I’ve EVEN imported a southern gentleman for a week.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’m done.  Why can’t he find me?  Why do I feel like I’m hunting rather than gathering?

Also, do I really want someone who I can and can’t trust, who I’m helpless against; who I’m the most vulnerable around?  Then I can’t possibly be this strong steadfast cornerstone for my friends who I do love.  I  need to find a balance in love and life and the pursuit of my own happiness, but I don’t know if it’s out there and if he can feel that I exist in this same hopeless struggle to find each other.

::hoping I end up in Mr. Correct’s arms sometime soon::

So let’s get some communication going here, ladies:  what was your story?  How did he find you?  What did he do to prove that he was the person who you could not live without?  What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance ❤

Some cool Social Networking events are coming up.. Join!

13 Feb

Sign up on Eventbrite to attend.  Here are the links:

March 16th @ Red Sky
April 6th @ Lansdowne Pub

All events are 21+ and require your RSVP!  As always, we will be enjoying some FREE apps and some door prizes.  I hope to see you there, and let me know if you can help me with some giveaways!

As always, if you’re looking for additional events, please go to my Calendar page^ for all the things I know about!

It wasn't love, it was oxytocin

12 Jan

I fall in love in like 2 seconds. Or in like 2 orgasms. And today I know why. It’s because of a little hormone called Oxytocin and it’s tricking women’s minds into falling for anybody with whom we have amazing sex.  In layman’s terms: it’s the thing that happens when Avatar and the trees and pterodactyl birds have awkward hair sex. Continue reading

Directionally Challenged

3 Jan

I suck at directions.  And I’m just like a guy when it comes down to asking for them.  You might as well even write down directions on a pad of paper for me before I drive 10 minutes to an easy destination and I’ll get as lost as Lilia when I throw a blanket over her head.  I need to down an ativan if I ever make it home.  Somehow, I get further away from my destination than I had started.. and that’s with your damn drawing or walking me through on the phone.  Ideally when this happens, I’d pahk my cah near the closest MBTA sign and take it back to my apartment to charge my battery (long story short: the lighter thing in my car burned my TomTom or at least made it smell like melting plastic and I don’t want to do the same thing to my phone).. and come back to my car the next day.  Totally makes sense, right? Continue reading

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